Setup OpenLDAP on Debian Stretch

OpenLDAP is an Open Source LDAP implementation available for most platforms and Linux distributions. Its main component are:

  • slapd- stand-alone LDAP daemon (server)
  • libraries implementing the LDAP protocol, and
  • utilities, tools, and sample clients.

Install slapd

Start by making sure your distro is up-to-date:

then install slapd and ldap-utils:

During the installation, you will need to give a password for the administration account:

Configure slapd

In order to configure slapd you need to run:

On the first screen, select No:

Next, you will need to give the domain name you wish to use within the LDAP directory.

this will create a directory as follows:

  • Give the organization name (here codeplumbers) then you will be prompted for the admin password again. Type the password you setup earlier.
  • Select the database format that will be used internally by slapd. I selected the default: MDB.

Finally, select wether you want the local database to be kept or delereed when slapd is uninstalled. I selected no. Slapd is now installed.

Test the installation

To verify your installation you can use the following command:


(the database is either empty or you need to use ldapsearch with authentication)