Once in a while I write things. I am going to start writing more things more frequently and posting them here. I hope they are interesting, or better yet helpful, to you.

Laravel Deployment - Setup environment

How to deploy a laravel app to a VPS

Resolve UnsatisifiedLinkError on x64 Devices

How to resolve UnsatisifiedLinkError on x64 Devices

Build Vue JS apps with relative paths

In case you use the default vue js build, you will end up having absolute paths for your JS and CSS assets (i.e. /js/somejsfiledependency.js). This articles shows how to change this behavior.

Publish Android AAR package to Github

How to publish an android aar library to github packages

Deploy Parse Server, MongoDB and Parse Dashboard on Ubuntu 18.04

How to deploy parse server and parse dashboard on ubuntu 18.04