Resolve UnsatisifiedLinkError on x64 Devices

On some android devices, specifically those that has x64 architecture, you might run into the following error: This error is caused by a missing arm64 folder where android expects to find the .so libraries. To take into account this architecture, you need to add the following to your build.gradle file:

Build Vue JS apps with relative paths

In case you use the default vue js build, you will end up having absolute paths for your JS and CSS assets (i.e. /js/somejsfiledependency.js). To change this behavior: Add a vue.config.js at the root of your vue project and specify publicPath :

Publish Android AAR package to Github

Prequisites Generate a personal access token with read/write packages enabled in your Github settings. Edit build.gradle Add maven-publish plugin to the top of your build.gradle file: Define articact properties: Add repository info to publishing > repositories: Publishing package To publish the package, run this gradle goal: